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Labflow saves lab coordinators time by streamlining their workflow and simplifying lab course management. Labs run smoother each week because both students and instructors or TAs walk through the door prepared to engage productively.

Labflow gives a lab coordinator deep insights into both the instructor or TA engagement and the student learning process. As a result, coordinators can focus on the best use of their time: mentoring instructors or TAs who teach the lab sections and are the primary contact for students.

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Saves Time & Money

Empowers Mentoring

Improves Learning

  • Eases course and section management

  • Reduces and optimizes grading

  • Minimizes liability risk

  • Students work more quickly

  • Conserves reagents, reduces chemical waste, and minimizes glassware and equipment breakage

  • Prepares students to confidently engage in lab problem-solving

  • More timely and useful feedback

  • Promotes fairness in grading

  • Reduces student frustration

  • Increases course satisfaction

  • Enables reinvestment of saved time into teaching students and mentoring instructors and TAs

  • Elevates teaching within each section by preparing instructors and TAs and promoting their engagement

  • Provides transparency into student, TA, and section performance for timely coordinator intervention

Mobile for Students

Students use their mobile devices in every aspect of their lives: why not for learning and coursework? Labflow is built mobile-first so that it looks and works great on a phone, and students can do all their work anywhere they are and anytime they can

Powerful for Educators

Labflow offers powerful customization to meet the unique nature of each chemistry department's lab courses, as well as learning analytics into the performance of both students and TAs or instructional faculty in charge of teaching each section.


Customers and Fans

Labflow gives students confidence and lowers their anxiety by preparing them for each experiment

Students like submitting lab reports to speed and ensure timely and accurate grading

Labflow helps students be successful in lab courses